Anita Grinn Award

In 2012 BASP created an award to honor our involvement in the greater community through our efforts to help others in service and volunteerism. What we offer the greater community as school psychologists and as human beings, is equally as important as our evaluations and consultations. Anita Grinn’s memory serves as a backdrop for what is really important in our jobs, helping others.

Jim Rockwell Award

BASP is pleased to honor nominated school psychologists with the Jim Rockwell Award. This award is given for providing exceptional leadership and vision and for being a mentor, all of which, have helped to advance the profession of school psychology.

  • 2010 – Mark Lyon
  • 2007 – Les Baker
  • 2006 – Lane Roosa & Norma Jenkins
  • 2004 – Marty Levine & Keith Zeman

Phil Seat Award

The Phil Seat award was established by BASP in 1999, as a way of keeping the spirit of Phil Seat alive. Phil was a prominent clinical consultant with Broward Student Services for over twenty years. His knowledge, insight, and compassion served as an impetus for positive change and guidance for student service workers. Phil demonstrated respect and understanding for each of us as professionals and for the individuals we serve.

  • 2011 – Jennilee Abolafia
  • 2010 – Jeannie Reynolds
  • 2009 – Jane Lazarus
  • 2008- Barbara Prelak
  • 2007 – Marie Boursiquot
  • 2006 – Matthew Zeis
  • 2005 – Mary Stone
  • 2004 – Jackie Bell
  • 2003 – Diane Wilen
  • 2002 – Sallly Simonis
  • 2001 – Debra Collins
  • 2000 – Jane Bagg
  • 1999 – Dayna Hart